[Solved]2 UR824 units on one system possible?

Question: can you use 2 UR824 units on one computer simultanious?

Hi Arno

Yes definitely, if you watch one of the video clips (can’t remember which one) it actually shows 3 UR824’s working together, just have to get the clocking connections sussed I think!

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Thanks very much.
Only I do not understand what you mean with “sussed”. Can you explain that to me?

Hi Arno

Soooo sorry I’m being a South African here(even though I’m originally a Pom who’s been here too long:-)

Sussed is slang for “figured out”, you just need to work out where the clocking cables plug in. I have a Focusrite Pre which plugs in via ADAT but the wordclock has to go from the UR to the Focusrite making sure the UR is the Master.

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OK, many thanks!

Did you end up using two UR824 units? If so, how is it working out?

Hi tripnek,

No, it was for a Cubase course customer of mine. He went back to the store before I was there and they got the Steinberg product specialist in. And even he couldn’t figure it out. So they just connected it by ADAT. This means that all the extra possibilities the second unit has to offer are unusable now for him.
Because the Steinberg specialist already had taken a look, I left it as is. He can record 16ch simulaniously, but with limited possibilities on the second module of 8 channels.

My opinion is that he got very poor advise at the store. They should have offered him one UR824 and one ADAT 8x breakout unit in the first place. That was a €500+ difference and now disadvantage for the customer.

P.S. But there is nothing about this to find in the manual as well. I don’t think they are made for more than one UR824 for a recording setup system.

You can only use one UR824 as a master, and it needs then to be fed by two 8 channel ADAT slaves, they can be other 824’s if you want the same mic pre’s but they can be anything that has ADAT.

Personally I use my UR824 fed by two MR816’s :smiley:


Sorry being off topic a little… i use MR816CSX as master and second 816x as slave via adat to have direct monitoring.
can u use the DSP fx of your MR when they are slaved via adat to UR824 ?
i can’t use 816X rev-x that way, and also they wont sync samplerate via adat, when daisy chained (to have some control over 816x)i can’t use adat connection cuz the routing settings of 816x are changed when MR extention takes over when cubase launched and i have no access to change it from cubase.

Since this post 2-20-14 has anyone figured out the settings for using two UR824’s. I have two and cannot figure it out