[SOLVED]20 C 9 plugins blacklisted ?

look at the pic below …
Is this normal ? And my Sampler track function crashes Cubase …(https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=107637)

There has to be something very wrong with your installation or settings, I’m pretty Cubase 9 should never have to scan the Cubase 8.5 components folder for anything.

Try uninstalling Cubase 9 and then reinstalling it using the full installer.

I did a full ( 10+Gb) re-install , no changes . And i always let a new version scan the hole “steinberg” folder to get all plugins i own , also the old ones …never problems ( since C 6 )

Hey tini,
something is wrong with your setup. Have you added these folders as VST2 Paths in the plugin manager? Cubase tries to scan our components folder.

Following folders are included in the plugin manager for vst2 search:
C…program files/steinberg C....program files/steinberg/vst plugins
C…program files/VSTplugins C....program files/common files/vst2
C…program files`/common files/steinberg/vst2

These are not plugins, but system components, You need to remove conponents from your VST directories

SOLVED : Thanks ericm , i put out the “C…programfiles/steinberg” folder of the vst2 search and added each vstplugin-folder of the old cubase versions to the search : all plugins are there AND the Sampler-track is also working :smiley:

good to hear :slight_smile: