[SOLVED] 24 bit audio support?

Hi, Just wondered when we can expect 24 bit audio support so that us Cubase users won’t have to down-sample our recordings to 16 bit to record additional tracks on our the iPad, then transfer back to Cubase?

It is now 14 days since I asked Steinberg support about 24 Bit audio support for Cubasis… And as everyone can see from my original post, not only do I not get an answer, but Steinberg do not even extend me the courtacy of a reply!
Perhaps the German concept of ‘support’ (or is it now Japanese?) is different than that of the rest of the world? As a Steinberg user since the ‘Pro 24’ / Atari ST days, perhaps I should contact Karl Steinberg directly! I feel sure that he would be more than a little disappointed with this level of support! Perhaps this has something to to with the very low key ‘take over’ by Yamaha? Let’s hope that they do not lose touch with the existing customer base users needs, like they seem to have done with the latest incarnation of Cubase… Which is suspiciously leaning towards the latest 2013 line of Yamaha hardware products!

24 bit recording would be great! 96khz sampling rate would be icing on that cake…

Yes you have made yourself look a bit of a wally, wally. Try looking in the ‘list of feature requests’ that appears on the first page and goes waaaaay back to us asking for this in December last year.

Theyll get to it when theyre good and ready. Buy yourself Auria if thats all your bothered about.

Well that’s not a very friendly reply ‘Thread Astaire’… My full details are available from my ‘Profile’… Why not call round to my house so that we can discuss this further over a nice cup of tea?
To use your agressive terminology, you are the Wally and here’s why: Number one, I bought Auria when it was launched, as I did Cubasis. And Number two, let me quote from a Carlos Mendoza Rohde reply from one of my posts: ‘Upgrading the audio engine from 16 bit to 24 bit is not just simply changing a number in the code. It’s more like a heart surgery. This can not be done within a maintenance update’? As a fellow iOS audio developer, this was quite a condescending reply, and as the developers must have surely now realised, Cubasis should never have been built around 1980’s 16 bit audio technology!
But the whole point of this (my) thread, is to raise awareness of the rather embarrassing lack of response from the Cubasis development team regarding industry standard 24bit audio recording and Cubasis!
Anyway, at least your ignorant post saved me the trouble of posting my 24 day ‘no reply from Steinberg’ bump!

Hi Wally,

Some time ago I posted here in the forum that 24 bit/96kHz audio support is on the roadmap.
We can’t give more information at the moment other than that it’s still on the roadmap and that it will come as a v.1.x update.

Honestly, I cannot find this condescending. But maybe this thread is a somewhat personal issue for you. I’d prefer a more positive approach since the developers are obviously packing a lot of stuff into each monthly update. No need trying to “shame” them into anything…

Hello AverageGuy,
Thanks for your reply…
That reason I thought that the reply from Rohde was condicending is because I had previously mentioned that I am an iOS (amongst many other opperating systems) audio developer. So it should have been obvious that a complete rewrite would be necessary to bring the app up to the industry standard 24 bit rate…
I was not only disappointed when I discovered that Cubasis was limited to 16 bit, but I was left in disbelief that such a well financed business like Steinberg would have released a 16 bit audio app in 2012 on any platform?
I have no other issues with the Steinberg developers in general whatsoever… In fact, I believe them to be amongst the best in the world when it comes to pro-audio applications… Hense me using them since the 80’s… However, I remain quite sceptical about the team that has been put in place to develop Cubasis! One could say that I am expecting too much from them, as Apple do put a lot of constraints within the iOS SDK, however the likes of WaveMachine Labs seem to have had few problems with this, and they were also very quick to implement ‘measurement mode’ to allow full audio bandwidth through the iPad’s headset microphone input… These are very fundiental requirements, which the Cubasis development team see to have completely disregarded!
And as you can see for yourself, none of the ‘official’ Cubasis team have had the courtasy to reply to this thread yet!
Hope this makes my personal reasons for starting this thread in the first place a little clearer…

will the tea be in 24bit?

Hi crohde,
In that case, I guess that we will be expected to buy another full app just to get basic 24bit support?
I’d kind of guessed that Steinberg would find a way to extract even more cash out of it’s existing customers. Such as is the case with Cubase 4, 5, 6 , 7 (and all the versions in-between!) etc… However, so far I know of no other iOS app developers that use this method to generate more profits? The more normal iOS ruse, is to sell you ‘extras’ from In-App purchases!
If I remember correctly I had already predicted in a post that the choice of the name ‘Cubasis’ may well imply that there could be a full ‘Cubase for iPad’ professional release in the future (within the constraints of iOS of course)!
I guess we will just have to wait and see…
Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply (24 days lol). But it is still appreciated!
Best wishes,

Hi Wally,

The 24 bit / 96kHz 1.X update will be a free one as all other 1.X updates have been.

Well that’s good news Crohde…
Perhaps if you had directly answered my question on the 5th of May, it would have saved all the suspicions fostered by the lack of response from an official! But at least now it is clear that 24bit support is coming…
So I guess that this thread has at least been informitave, if not alittle colourful!
Best wishes to you,
And the other users who posted on this thread…