[SOLVED] 24 bit files?

Can Cubasis work with 24 bit audio files if they are imported, not recorded?
24 bit file support is crucial IMO. Are stereo files supported?

Hi there,

24-bit audio files are converted and imported. :slight_smile:
Stereo file are also supported.

Ok. Does “converted” mean the files are reduced in quality, e.g. to 16 bit during import?
Are there any plans to allow higher quality recording even if it reduces the amount of tracks, like
24 bit /96 kHz?

Hi nkf,

Yes, they are converted to 16-bit.
We just released v.1.0 after a long development cycle. Supporting higher sample rates / bit depths is on our feature request lists but there are many other features in the list as well.

Thank you for the answer. I can imagine there is a lot on your todo list but quality is what I expect from Steinberg as a Nuendo and Cubase owner. HighRes files are possible now on the iPad with Auria, which I have. But I would indeed prefer to work in a familiar environment. Please shift the HighRes file issue up a bit … :wink: