SOLVED 3 Newbies Questions .... Mediabay

  1. It looks like Steinberg does not answer support request emails – what is your experience?

  2. Mediabay shows only 2 folders of partition D: (top level). I’d like to scan a few more folders - also in D:. Clicking on “Add” does not help.

  3. In Mediabay .aif cannot be prelistend (no sound) - .wav files work fine.

Any ideas?

Hey Tomy,
Sorry you’re having difficulty.

  1. My experience is that SB is pretty good about getting back to you, typically not until they have a solution for you.

  2. Forgive me if this answer is too basic (your post does say Newbie) :wink: Do you see two light grey triangles in the LOCATIONS pane of Meida Bay, adjacent to the name of the locations? And assuming you do, what happens when you click on these triangles to “twirl open” that location? Also, are the two locations you can see named “File System” and “VST SOUND” by any chance?

  3. is your Control Room disabled? (Look under the VST CONNECTIONS item on the DEVICES menu). If Control Room is “ON” it interferes with the Media Bay preview function.

Hope this helps, keep me posted.

Hi Walter

thanks for your answer.
First I can hear the .aif files now. I do not know why.As far as I know I did not change anything.
It is nice to hear that the Steinberg support normaly works well. I guess they have a lot of problems at the moment because Cubase 7 seems to be published a bit too early.

The problem is that German GUI uses terms which differ sometines from the English translation. Furthermore there is no German manual.
I am not sure what you mean by triangles. Please have a look on the screen print.
In D: there are on top level a lot of folders. Mediabay shows only one folder (MUSIK PRODUKTION). In the top left corner is a button “Hinzufügen”. That means in English “add”. I guess it means to add locations or folders. This does not work.

The Eglish Manual says:
When you open the MediaBay for the first time, a scan for media files is performed on your system. You specify which folders or directories you want to be included in the scan by activating/deactivating the checkboxes for the folders in the Define Locations section.
This was not the case. When I started mediaby for the first time I only found these folders which you see in the included jpg.


My experience is the opposite. I have never had Steinberg not answer and they are very helpful. My experience with Steinberg is over 20 years and part of that was in Sweden (now the US).

Did you right click on the D: disk node and choose “Refresh Views”?

You seem to be doing fine with English. Read the manual the best you can, and be imaginative.

I think he means in the arrows in the “Scan-Orte” section.

I see two folders in the screen shot, “MUSIK PRODUKTION” and “Program Files”.

Try right clicking on the “D: (Volume)” node in the “Scan-Orte definieren” section, then “Refresh Views”.

The “Add” (Hinzufügen) button is there to define (hence the definieren in the section heading) a node (selected in the tree view below) as a new Location (in the “Scan-Orte” section).

“You specify which folder or directories you want to be included…”

(Page 395-6 in the manual tells about the “Scan-Orte definieren” section.)
The red nodes in this section means that those nodes are currently being scanned.
An orange checkmarks means that a subfolder has been excluded.

BTW, scanning could take a while, depending on how many media files you have and the speed of your disk.

Generally, well at least for me, when I am finished defining the folders I need, I don’t need to use the “Scan-Orte definieren” section anymore, and I hide it via the icon in the bottom left corned of the MediaBay window.


no it works. Sometimes I seem to be blockhead.

Best Tomy-K