[SOLVED] 5Gb RAM used with no project loaded

I started Cubase 8 Pro with no project loaded and pressed F4 to make a few I/O presets. After making and storing three presets (2 input, 1 output) the following error appeared:
Cubase Artist 8.jpg
Funny… I thought I had Cubase Pro :wink:

After that the program was frozen and the computer as a whole became very sluggisch. Ctrl-Alt-Delete showed me this:

Only a reboot helped. A crashdump is available.

On the whole I get hang-on-quit 75% of the time. With version 7.5.30 it was only 25% :smiley:

Do you have your USB-key connected via a hub? Try connecting it directly to a separate USB-port, preferrably a non-USB3 one. e-Licenser is known to sometimes have trouble with hub-connected dongles.

Thanks! This seems to have solved my hang-on-quit problem. And I have been able to make my VST connections presets too.