[SOLVED]7.5.30 load delay time with powercore virus

hi all, i have some problems with 7.5.3 and powercore virus. everything works fine with 7.5.2 but when i installed 7.5.3 there is a delay time when i try to load patches from virus vst

see the clip


resolved the problem. for some reason the problem is caused kaspersky antivirus.

Thx for coming back and posting the solution for someone else down the line


Hi studioton,

could you please add [SOLVED] to your thread’s title? Or should I?



A bit on the side, but how do you bridge Virus power core into cubase 7.5?

cubase bridge … but for all other powercores plugins i’m using jbridge

I have a bit of a different problem with my Virus Powercore in Cubase 7.5.3

I noticed everytime i load a project with Virus as an VST instrument (wheter i use steinbergs vst bridge or JBridge) and I play the first note, i get a huge pop sound (sounds like a static click). It might happen few more times within the next 8 bars and than it does not happen during the project or song.

However if i close the project, load it back up, once again the first note is a huge static like loud spike.

The bad thing is that when i export the project as audio these spikes will be exported too.

So unless i let Cubase play for 8-10 bars first and than stop and than export the audio than the exported audio willb e fine.

I never had this issue in Cubase 5 and Win XP (i just switched to Cubase 7.5 and Win 7)

I am running TC Powercore FW.

Did you notice this problem too ? I will post sample of the audio with the spikes when i hear from you or someone :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot