[solved] a better metrognome...any suggestions


When I’m not in cubase I practice with a metronome. My current favorite is a little korg ma-1. It’s cool feature is that it can click various beat settings like, 1/4s, 1/8s or even triplets.

With the cubase, as a guitarist I pretty much always start with a guitar track played to metronome but the Cubase metronome is really pretty basic. Problem is that if I want to have it click 1/8s etc, it seems that the only way to do it is to double the tempo, which is just plain wrong, for obvious reasons.

Can you guys suggest a better metrognome, a vst or such, that gives more “beat” options?


The Cubase metronome will give 8 beats to the bar, or 3 or …

Build whatever count you need into a MIDI loop and assign a VST instrument to it. You can make your click whatever sound you want, and it’ll be on a channel in the mix console, so you have easy volume control over it and you can send it to whatever monitor or cue mix you want. I find that to be a little easier than going in and out of the metronome window.

The Cubase metronome is absolute garbage and in serious need of an overhaul but you can achieve what you want by using a VSTi pattern as suggested above or simply change the time signature for 1/8 notes instead of 1/4 notes: 4/4 = 8/8. That way you’re not altering the tempo. Not sure why Steinberg has let this go for so long without even allowing subdivisions or even alternative click sounds without having to load WAV files.

The best solution, given what I need this thing to do, has been to route the Cubase metronome into a sythn, in this case Fabfilter Twin2, cook up a metronome sound, and then in the mixer stick the Steinberg Mono Delay on it. This gives me the ability to do a number of different beat structures without sacrificing the actual tempo. Plus it will follow the Tempo Track. Win!