[SOLVED] A couple of questions about audio


I just purchased Cubasis 2, and have a couple of questions about recording audio tracks:

  1. What is the idiomatic way to record track audio, including insert effects, to a wav file, particularly when using inter-app audio? The process for inter-app routing seems somewhat counter-intuitive compared to routing external audio sources, but maybe I’m doing it wrong. The only way I have successfully recorded audio like this is via freezing or soloing the track for mixdown.

  2. Once I have recorded an audio clip like this, how do I make it available in another project? My naive solution has been to use the mixdown approach above, and then access the Wifi Server from my computer to move the track from the Mixdown folder in to Audio/My Samples (I realize this is not strictly necessary, but I would like to store my recorded samples in the sample directory, and for some reason it seems impossible to do this through the Media interface itself). But this definitely seems cumbersome and “wrong”.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I am a very naive user, so I would be happy to be directed to the more “correct” way of doing this stuff if I am off base.

IAA instruments work like plug ins on your desktop computer - you have to bounce a clip to get hold of their audio (Cubasis only holds the MIDI notes).

to share such a clip open the media bay highlight the clip you want to share and press “share” (bottom left corner) - in the pop up you can even choose “open with”…

Great, thanks. Concerning bouncing, I understand the concept, but my confusion was about which function was the equivalent of “bounce” in Cubasis. I assume it’s “freeze” or “mixdown”, but it’s not clear whether these do exactly the same thing.

freeze does what i expect it to do: render the track WITH insert effects (did notbtry with send effects).

mm70, I’m just getting around to messing with this again. I think I wasn’t clear in my second question:

Suppose that I have frozen a track and created an audio clip there. How do I make that audio clip available to other projects within Cubasis? In other words, I would like to save that clip to the “My audio files” or “My samples” area of the Media Bay Audio folder, so that I can import it in to another project. Still having trouble figuring this out.

Thanks for you help.

EDIT: Just as I sent this, I finally figured it out. For anyone else wondering, the answer is to double tap the audio clip in your track, which opens the audio editor. The last option in the left hand menu there is “Save to Media”. This saves it to the “My audio files” folder.

Hi jetjaguar,

Thanks for editing the final comment to share your findings.
Indeed, “Save to Media” in the audio editor is the quickest way to go here to share audio files between projects.