[SOLVED] A few question

  1. how do I rename a midi track?
  2. how do I rearrange tracks?
  3. I have midi out set to my integra 7. It works but the originally attached internal module still sounds. How do I disconnect it?


Hi Metaphasic,

Thanks for your message.

Re 1)

  • Please select the track to be renamed
  • Open the inspector to the left of the tracklist and tap the track name tap to rename it

Re 2)

  • Perform a long tap on the track (in the track list) to be re-arranged
  • Move the track to the desired location

Did not understand question 3) here.


Thanks for the answers. Let me explain number 3 better

When you create a new MIDI track, it isn’t connected to an instrument. I leave this way and assign the output to an external piece of hardware via the lightning to usb connector kit.

Somewhere along the way I accidentally attached the track one of the built in synths. Now both sound on playback. How do I disconnect the internal sound module from the track?

Thanks for the additional explanation, Metaphasic!

To disconnect the internal sound module from the track:

  • Tap the instrument icon in the selected MIDI track
  • Tap the “INSTRUMENTS” button in the instrument rack
  • Choose “No Instrument” from the pop up list

Best wishes,

Thank you! You just sold me. Now if only they add a live play/set list with optional automatic/manual pauses in between, I’m golden.

Thanks for your feedback, Metaphasic.
Glad to hear our answers are helpful.