(SOLVED) A Flow question

Hi all,

I am currently working on ‘String of Pearls’ (Glenn Miller) and I need to make two versions of the same work. The principle version is for standard (5,4,4) Big Band but I also need to slim down the F/L to just 4 players (Alto, Tenor, Trumpet and Trombone). Currently I have one flow ‘SOP’ which contains everything. I have also created a second and third flow called (BigBand) and (SmallerBand). I understand the basic principle of displaying instruments between flows (as they are independent from each other-I get that) but as I have huge holes in my understanding of flows. My question is ….

Can I, for example, tell Dorico to ‘use’ the same Piano part over for both the Big Band and the Smaller Band without having to resort to copying and pasting from one flow to the other? If I do have to make edits (for example) on the ‘master’ flow, I don’t relish the thought of re-copying the part(s) over and going through the whole Engrave process once again.

Not a common request I’m sure; am I asking Dorico to do something that it was never designed to do?

I’m not very hopeful it can be done to be honest.


You don’t, but I would suggest that you make better use of Dorico’s very powerful concept of layouts. (You seem to wonder if this is something that Dorico wasn’t designed to do, when in fact it is the only software designed to be able to do this!) If it is the very same music — as it seems to be, otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking of reusing the whole piano part —, you might simply keep both arrangements on the same flow, with separate layouts for the full big band and for the condensed version, where both layouts share the very same piano part.

Am I expressing myself clearly? Do you need any help setting up the layouts, or are you already familiar enough with Dorico to be able to do it?


It was a ‘Wood for the trees’ moment. Thank you so much.

{edit} I configured the custom score layout to includes the two versions I need.