[Solved]Add Pianoteq to my list of VI

Dear fellow Doricians,

I have installed Pianoteq 5.8.1 yesterday on my machine, and, of course, tried to use it in Dorico. I followed the steps creating my own VST2whitelist.txt file, put it where I had to, deleted the files that needed to… and no luck. Restarting Dorico or rebooting the mac did not help. Is there something I missed ?

In the VST2whitelist, I just wrote :

  1. Pianoteq 5.8.1

Hello Marc,

don’t know if this is a help for you, in my whitelist is:

Pianoteq 5 (64-bit)

But this is on windows 10.

Just write Pianoteq 5 in the whitelist,on its own line .No need for anything else.

Thanks, UMahnken. I just tried, but still no luck…

Problem solved. I just wrote
Pianoteq 5
in the VST2whitelist.txt file

I am quite sure this is the very first thing I did yesterday. But it worked today :wink: