[Solved] Adding channel to existing group channel

Hey there,

I have searched the forum and the internet but couldn’t find a solution that applies to my problem, which is the following:

Let’s say I have created a group channel with a couple of instrument channels. Now I decide to add another instrument to the section and would like it to be in the same group channel. This, however, I can’t achieve. I know about the “add group channel to selected channel” function or the “add channel to --> choose the group channel” function. What this does, though, is that it simply creates another group channel that apparently is somehow routed to the groupe channel I meant to add it to in the first place. Is there some function I am missing? I just want it to go straight into the group channel…

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

In the MixConsole, set the out of the new Instrument to the Group Channel.

You can do this in the MixConosle only. In the Project window, you can see the Instrument as an output, because you see the MIDI track here, in fact. In the MixConsole, you can see the Audio Return Channel, in fact, so you can see the audio output here.

Thanks a lot! What an easy solution to my problem… goes to show that I still need to learn a lot about Cubase. :wink: