[Solved] Adding files from MediaBay to new stereo track

Is there a way to simply add a stereo track without using the “Add Audio Track” window?
There is the “Add Track - > Audio Mono” key command which is exactly what I am looking for - only for stereo tracks.


I’m sorry, there is no such a function.

You can create a track preset and make a KC to it? I have lots of selfmade trackpresets; one KC and then enter and voila!

Bummer! Thanks for the replies, anyway.

How can I select a specific preset? At first sight I only found the “Add Track” -> “Using Track Preset…” key command which only opens the browser.

My goal is to setup a macro which inserts a selected item in the MediaBay on a new track (actually at the left locator).
The “Insert into Project at Left Locator” key command inserts the item on the currently selected track (actually covers the parts already on the track).

The perfect macro for me is:

  • “Add Track - > Audio Mono”
  • “Media -> Insert into Project at Left Locator”

One key command and the selected item is on a new track without using the mouse (actually double clicking the item in the MediaBay does exactly what I want). But of course I need stereo tracks!

That’s why the “Add Audio Track” function isn’t very handy due to the several confirmations.

Any hints on this?

Depending on if you can be bothered to spend the time, you could probably use a piece of software called Keyboard Maestro to achieve this kind of thing. I have no experience with it myself but I use something similar called Autohotkey (which is Windows only) and it’s possible to achieve almost anything you can think of with a bit of experimenting. Basically you can program a macro which triggers any key strokes and mouse moves that you want and then assign it all to a single keyboard button.

Thanks, J-S-Q. Will give Keyboard Maestro a try.
Actually I don’t want to blame Steinberg for missing key commands at all. Compared to Logic, Live or Bitwig, the key commands option including the macros is absolutely fantastic.

I noticed that the key command “Media -> Insert into Project at Left Locator” works just fine if no track is selected! In this case it creates a stereo track. However, now I can’t find a solution for “deselecting” all or currently selected tracks. If I click on a track while holding the shift key, the track is going to be deselected. Now I can use the “Media -> Insert into Project at Left Locator” key command and it will create a dedicated (stereo) track.

Is there a way to deselect (all) tracks via key command? Some clever project logical editor task I oversee?

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There’s definitely a KC for Select None I used it for something yesterday

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Hej tedannemann

Yes - this is possible if you make (and save) two PLE presets like this:


So now your Macro should be like this:

  1. Process Project Logical Editor > Select All Tracks
  2. Process Project Logical Editor > Deselect All Tracks
  3. Media > Insert into Project at Left Locator

Voilá :wink:

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Thanks, Dave. Couldn’t find the key command anywhere. However, Bo’s hint to use the project logical editor did the trick. Thank you so much! :smiley: