[SOLVED]After SSD I need to buy new Cubase?

I use Cubase 8 in HardDisk (laptop) now. But I want to change this with SSD. After I get SSD do I have problem for install and using Cubase 8?
Actually I ask: I need to buy new Cubase 8 and eLicenser for SSD?

You’ll be fine as long as you have installed the eLicenser software.

If you’re using a Soft-eLicenser-based version of Cubase (Elements/AI/LE) you should go to your MySteinberg and check if the Soft-eLicenser that has your Cubase license is registered. After you install your SSD you can click the Reactivate button in your MySteinberg to generate a new Cubase license, but only if the previous Soft-eLicenser was registered.

Thanks for replies to Mauri and Romantique Tp. I have USB eLicenser (maybe I should say this in first post, sorry)
And as I understand there is no problem both way: If I have Usb eLicenser or Soft eLicenser. So I dont have to pay money again after installing Cubase to my new SSD…

Yeah, that’s correct. The Cubase license in your USB-eLicenser allows you to run Cubase 8 (or any earlier version) on any computer.

There are no limitations or restrictions, you could install any version of Cubase from SX 1 to Pro 8 on all computers in your house and they would all work for as long as you have the eLicenser connected to one of their USB ports. The only requirement is having a license database newer than the Cubase version you have. To update the license database just run the eLicenser Control Center software and run maintenance tasks while the computer is connected to the internet.

The limitation is, you can install on up to 3 computers in your possession.

You can install Cubase on any amount of computers, PC or Mac. It will only work as long as the usb dongle is inserted on the computer you presently use. No idea about if any restrictions apply to soft licencer though.

Not what the EULA says:
"If the software is protected by the eLicenser alone, you may install a license for the software on one or at most 3 computers which are in your possession. The software may be used only on one of the computers at the same time by using the USB-eLicenser. "

Installing a license on 3 computers isn’t even possible with a single eLicenser. This EULA was written a long time ago. Before Cubase 4 the Cubase installer required a serial number to run, which was completely separate from the dongle copy protection. Maybe they’re referring to serial numbers? They don’t care about them anymore: https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/serial-numbers-and-installation-codes-for-older-nuendo-cubase-and-halion-versions.html

That’s pretty funny because that page says specifically that “Registration of the listed software requires a USB eLicenser (USB dongle).”

Well yeah, because these codes are only for allowing people to install these programs into their systems, they still wont run at all after installing if you don’t have a valid license in your USB-eLicenser.

You can - but you are not allowed to.
Different restrictions apply to soft eLicenser protected Versions and educational versions.

Yes it is.

No it’s not. Your eLicenser contains one Cubase license and the license is “installed” by plugging the dongle into a computer and “uninstalled” when you unplug it. It’s impossible to “install” it on 3 computers because you can only plug it into one computer.

I think it’s safe to say that they’re either not talking about the license that’s stored in your dongle at all or the lawyer who wrote this didn’t fully understand how the USB-eLicenser works. Actually, I remember Guillermo mentioning somewhere else that that part of the EULA was outdated and that it was going to be updated not too long ago. I guess they forgot?

Plugging a Hardware into a computer does not install anything. Running the software /drivers that comes with it “installs” the hardware.
Apart from that, it is (IMO) quite clear, what

means, especially since I can nowhere find the part that says “you can install anywhere and as often as you like”. And since the restrictions for the soft eLicenser software and for educational Versions apply like mentioned in the EULA, I´m sure that part also does. The license is not the dongle, it is the right to use the soiftware according to the EULA.

I am not a lawyer either (just the eLicenser tech guy), but that is how I interpret the discrepancies between EULA and tech specification:

  1. It is technically possible to install Cubase on an unlimited number of computer systems.
  2. It is legally allowed to install Cubase on up to three computers.
  3. It is practically possible to run Cubase on one computer at the same time (by plugging the USB-eLicenser).

Thanks all friends for replies to my question.
In my case there is no second computer. I will change HD of my computer with SSD. Same computer. As I see no any problem with this.
As well We learnt tech detail from Dirk Stegemann. Extra thanks for this.