(SOLVED) all meters (and EQs) sluggish in Cubase 9.5

Hello. I have noticed that the meters and EQs in cubase 9.5 are slow. And they get worse for each extra instance loaded or seen. IT was never a problem before. Something looks different with the graphics in the 9.5 version. They behave like you would have a slow computer with a bad graphics card. The graphics on particularly the EQs are very jagged. It looks like there would be no anti-aliasing, not that there would be, but that is the effect. Yes, I have updated to the latest cubase 9.5.10

I run an I5 7600 with a 4 gig Nvidia graphics card, 1Tb SSD, 16 Gig memory. It is a fairly fast machine. Anyone has any ideas?


It is the NVIDIA overlay that causes it. Turned it off and no problems. :slight_smile:

Could you please elaborate ?
How do we turn this off ?