SOLVED:Analyze MIDI Output Channels / Komplete Kontrol Issue

Is there a way to monitor the MIDI events sent via a MIDI output channel? E.g. could I record the output channel? Then I could watch the output using the event list.
Why: Iwould like to understand why currently the MIDI output view in the transport view flickers 5 times, when the input view just flickers once.
Thank you in advance!

For Midi-monitoring-purposes, I use an application called Midi Monitor:

It shows you exactly what’s going on.

Niek/ Amsterdam

Thank you, Niek, for the hint about the Midi Mon. Because the app. is Mac only, I asked Google for a free windows one, but so far I did not find a 64bit Version. Maybe someone can recommend a Windows solution?
Or is there a chance to check it within Nuendo, e.g. by recording the output on another track?

Are you -by any chance- using Punchlight products in your Midi-setup?

I’ve got my Nuendo-Midi-output-meter jumping around every, let’s say, 0.5 sec. With Midi Monitor, I found out that the drivers of my Punchlight products are constantly sending out Midi-information to the connected Punchlight-devices…

Sorry, not. I just play a Komplete Kontrol keyboard. When I press a key the MIDI input meter shows 1 impulse and the MIDI output meter shows 3 to 5 impulses with a constant delay between 2 of them (looks like echoes).
When I use another keyboard (eg. the JD-XA), the effect is the same. For MIDI in and out I use via RME 802.

Hi, Stefan.

You probably saw MIDI OX in your searches. It’s older software and doesn’t look sexy, but it’s been a very popular utility for years. It’s 32 bit, but you can install and run 32 bit software in a 64 bit version of Windows.

I haven’t used it for a number of years now but typing Midi Ox into YouTube will give you a lot of tutorials. You might give it a try and see if it will work for your needs.

Hi Chris,

Thank you very much for your advice to look for 32 bit MIDI monitors, too!
Meanwhile I installed MIDI OX and it shows every event on any MIDI input device. But so far I am too silly to figure out how to monitor the output devices for events sent from Nuendo to the device. MIDI OX recommends to install MIDI Yoke, too, which should be able to re-route the output from Nuendo to MIDI OX, but Win 8.1 does not let me install MIDI Yoke (a legacy device driver).
Today any incoming MIDI events results in 24 (!) midi out peaks in the MIDI Activity section of the transport window in Nuendo.
So I think I need further help on how to monitor the MIDI events sent from Nuendo…

I believe I’ve used this guy’s software in the past with good results. He has a midi loopback that supports Windows 10 (same basic architecture as Windows 8.1 so you should be okay). I’ve also used Hubi’s but that site is currently not responding.

He has a number of utilities, I believe loopMidi is what you’re looking for.

Hi Chris, this seems to be exactly what I was looking for! I will check it later and send an update. Thank you very much!

Happy to help, man.

I’m guessing you must be wanting an easy way to monitor the output only… but the onboard MIDI Monitor might also help if you want to analyse the MIDI data produced by each track.

…which can be found in the midi track inserts:

It’s always the easy way with you guys, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

I’d completely forgotten about MIDI plugins, thanks for the tip!

You betcha!

Thank you very much to all of you! Meanwhile I solved my issue.

In case any other user might have the same issue, here is the solution:
The output of the MIDI Monitor used as MIDI insert or MIDI send effect does not show any unexpected MIDI events. So the instrument and MIDI tracks seem to work fine. I need to like somewhere else.
I checked the device setup in Nuendo again and again. And finally a realized an important change: Some month ago I configured my Komplete Kontrol keyboard from NI as a remote control for Nuendo according to the installation tip from NI by selecting it as a Mackie Control device. And this evening I realized that NI meanwhile installed their own remote device driver and activated it in Nuendo without deactivating the former workaround via the Mackie Control. So both send messages in parallel which caused a lot of additional events and these were visible as the spikes in the MIDI out section of the transport window.
I deactivated the Mackie Control work around and now everything runs smooth.

Thank you, Chris, for all the valuable information about helpful MIDI tools. Esp. for the last one from Tobias, which is by the way a guy of my home country. :wink:
Thank you to stingray and Steve: You thought me about MIDI inserts and sends and showed me the MIDI Mon within Nuendo, I was hoping/looking for!

Best regards

Awesome! Glad you got it sorted out. Also fun that you bumped into one of your countrymen. Then Internet can be a small place. :slight_smile: