[solved! ... and improved] Can you solo listen a polyphonic voice in the score editor

The title says it all, I guess?
The notes sounds the way I want them to but there are a lot of them so I’d appreciate to hear the voices one at a time. Probably a big red button in the middle of the screen I somehow have overlooked haha!

I use the Logical Editor & Macros to do this. Since each voice is on its own MIDI Channel I have LE Presets that Selects Notes based on the MIDI Channel & then use it in a Macro to toggle the Mute State.

It’s rather fun to Loop a section and switch the combinations on the fly - OK this time just the Alto and Tenor


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HA! That’s the point of Cubase! Thanks a lot
And don’t you dare to stop me from trying right now! :smiley:

Well, as much as I love the Logical Editor there is in this case an even better solution if you ask me. I the Score editor you can Explode the polyphonic voices and set a multitimbral VSTi as the target for the MIDI track and then also set the MIDI out channel to any. Then you can have one sound per voice while still having your neat notes in the score editor in 4 voices … or 8 if you’re two first names are Johann or Sebastian or something like that …
Final reault is it looks amazingly clean compared to before. If you have Halion Sonic or some other multitimbral VSTi on screen at the same time you can just solo and mute to your hearts content.

What is the DAW with the best MIDI editors on planet earth again? :sunglasses: