(SOLVED) (ANDROID) The speed of the project is accelerated in Bluetooth headphones

Hi @olidadda

Our engineering ordered a Tozo T12 device, to give your issue a repro.

In their testings, the Pixel 6a device running Android 14 could be successfully paired with the Tozo T14 BT phones and used with Cubasis without any issues.

For your comparison, please find all setup screenshots attached below…

Best wishes,

After observing your post carefully I noticed that the output device shows up nameless and blank, so I wondered if perhaps the problem was in the UI selection interface and in fact… Problem solved, providing I don’t attempt to select anything in the options!
I initially was going into the settings as a first thing and looking to select the audio output: once you do this you no longer have the option of selecting the BT earbuds, however if you don’t touch anything they are selected automatically. It still doesn’t detect their mic, but I don’t see the use of this anyway so that’s fine.

So I can conferm it now works with Tozo 12, Sony Linkbuds, and Sony Wf-1000XM4 (and likely the other models too, just haven’t tested yet).

I have now purchased Cubase 13 Artist along with repurchasing Cubasis, I am satisfied with the fact that I can now listen back to projects in BT.

Thank you for your help, I take back my harsh words. I think perhaps that issue could be sorted out or even just mentioned as an instruction, as in “if using BT earbuds or headphones, please don’t attempt to assign audio output, it will be done automatically”.


Hi @olidadda

Thanks for your updated message.
We are glad to read that the issue could now be solved.