[SOLVED] Arrangement marks with "Refrain", "verse" e.g.


i have read a lot of in this forum. But at the moment i’m not realy shuer how i can mark my arrangement with the song structure (Refrain, Verse e.g).

Should i use the Text Function? If yes can i use it for every instrument in my arrangement. In the partitur i would like only one time the marks. Do you understand what i mean. Sorry for my bad english.Thanks!

Tom from germany

You might want to use System text (shift-alt-X) instead of Staff text (shift-x). Or use rehearsal marks along with the properties panel. For instance, Verse would be a letter rehearsal mark with index 22 (for V) and suffix “erse”. That’s a workaround from Pianoleo so it should be both efficient and beautiful :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help!