[SOLVED] AU automation

Hi all,

-I was wondering if it is possible to record and automate any tweaking of any knob of an AU such as for example Sunrizer synth?
-Just as simple as tweaking cut filter in the AU synth and you can see the playback tweaking of the filter?
-If not possible, might there be a trick to link a knob of the AU within Cubasis to another control so it does automate?

I checked topics before posting and noticed 2017 post that there are limitations, however maybe it evolved in 2019 and i may have overlooked something.

Thank you in advance.


P.S. Love the Cubasis2 app :slight_smile:

In Poison-202 it does seem to record, only you do not see the knobs moving in the au, seems not to work in sunrizer? Any tips and tricks are welcome.

Hi djchristain,

Thanks for your message!

Cubasis supports AU automation since the release of version 2.3, back in end of 2017.

If you encounter issues to automate parameters of third party effects or instruments, please have a look if this is covered in our available Limitations of Audio Unit automation article.

Please let me know if it helps!