[SOLVED]"Audio connection" crashes Cubase 12 every time and even when opening a saved project

Hi! I’m just come to Cubase 12 Pro from Bitwig and Cakewalk by BL.
Just installed the 12.0.40 version.
When I tried to add or adjust anything in “audio connection” setting, every single time the whole Cubase go frozen and force me to end the tsak.
And even so when I tried to open a saved project with any audio track with audio input.
And there’s even more…
When I tried to add an audio track, if I want to switch the input from default, ex: In. 1 > In. 2
It crashes the whole Cubase and force me to launch the task manager to end the task…

Almost any audio setting changing can cause the crash, so that means I can’t use either control room, adding bus, adding inputs or outputs…etc. It is such a disaster for any music maker…
My sound card runs well in Bitwig and cakewalk still, so that’s not the audio interface issue I guess.
Does anyone have meet the same issue?
My first installed version is the 12.0.40, so could it be able to reverted to previous versions? Like 12.0.0 or something?

Cubase version: 12.0.40
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Ryzen R7 3700X
Audio interface: Motu M4


Could you attach the crash/dmp file, please?

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Thank you for replying!

In fact I just accidently resolved it and it reminds me that I need to come back to here to explain what was happened.
It’s all because I’m a dumb noob… :scream:
I thought that other DAWs could run the soundcard perfectly, and didn’t notice that MOTU had released an upgrade driver on March. 2022…
By reinstall the soundcard driver and restarted the PC, all the issues are gone.
And now the Cubase 12 in my PC is just more than amazing!

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Not to worry. We have all been there.

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