[Solved] Audio export (.wav or .mp3) crash

i have a large project with four flows. when i try to export the audio (either .wav or .mp3), Dorico hangs and I have to force quit the application. It might be the case that the file is being written to but i doubt it since when i locate the file in question the size isn’t changing (as would be expected).

an added annoyance is that force quitting Dorico doesn’t correspondingly force quit the VST player and i have to open the activity monitor, find it and quit that process.

I my experience, even though audio export triggers the beach ball of death (on mac), which makes it look like a hang, actually Dorico writes to the file- albeit considerably slower than we are used to in other programs. Or, maybe it’s the lack of a progress bar that makes it feel slower.

So, it might be worth checking out if anything happens over time- give it much time, and see if the program goes back into responsive mode.

As DonMusic said, audio export is faster than real-time, but it still does take long time, especially on long projects. We never measured it, so it is difficult to say, but it should be definitely through after the real actual duration of your piece.
Have you tried playing the export file in a media player? What is the result?

Also, could you please look for the log files in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico/ and ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VSTAudioEngine and post here?

I think it’s worth mentioning that “beachball of death” on Mac is a misnomer. It is nothing like the Windows “blue screen of death”. It simply indicates that the application is waiting for another process longer than some reasonable preset amount of time. In my experience, more often than not the application eventually becomes responsive again and does not need to be force-quit. But of course most of the time computers give us instantaneous feedback, and many users incorrectly assume that think that 10 seconds of unresponsiveness means something died.

The ‘beach ball of death’ only appeared over the Dorico interface and no where else. That’s why I looked to see if the application had hung and according to the activity monitor, it had. However it’s just a case of impatience on my part and an expectation that creating an audio file would be somewhat fast… it just took time and thanks to the forum (DonMusic) for reminding me of that fact. I tried to find the file that Ulf suggested using his addressing but couldn’t find what he was looking for in my system. Results attached.

Ulf - here are the files i could find:

Dorico (but no VST…)
application.log.zip (4.06 KB)

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