Solved - Audio files disappear on upload

I had two audio files / tracks disappear from my project after I created and synchronized and shared the project using Transit. I own the project but the audio files have been put in the project by another transit user a few days ago. This might be related to my doing a name change of the .cpr file. The two audio files remain on my hard drive within a previous save so they are not totally gone but they are not within the project in Transit anymore. Has anyone else had tracks disappear when synchronizing?

when another project member removes his files or tracks from the project and syncs it, they will be removed from your project when you sync, that makes sense.

Hmmmm. Thanks for that. I had imported the the other user’s audio tracks into a new version project that I had made. In the future I will try importing my new tracks into the original version instead. Perhaps Transit did not consider his audio tracks to be legitimate in my new version.

Also perhaps if I had made copies of his tracks in the original project and then imported those copies instead of his original tracks into my new version.

I will try these optional methods.

If you create a new project you will have to make that known to the cloud.
In general, what sync project does is to take the project from the cloud, remove your old tracks and import your new tracks and then puts it back. This counts for all members including the owner.
You cannot alter tracks of other members, but you can make copies and work on those or keep them for reference, as you created new tracks they are yours and can not be removed by anyone else. This way, every member is in control of their own tracks but cannot change other members’ tracks, but still can make copies (“read only” access).

As said, a new project is a seperate project and the cloud doesn’t know about it until you make it known there.
Hope that clarifies it.