(SOLVED) Audio slowed down

Just upgraded to Cubasis 3, and already not working. :slightly_frowning_face: imported a stereo backing track for recording vocals, and plays slower and lower in pitch than it was recorded at by about a whole step. Reinstalled Cubasis 2, imported the same backing track, and it plays back at the correct speed and pitch. And yes, I made sure I set the tempo to the correct setting before importing into Cubasis 3. It’s as if C3 insists on playing the track at the default 120 bpm instead of the correct bpm of 156. Why is this happening?? Any input appreciated! :+1:

I’ve had issues like this, and found dragging the length of the clip (small square in the bottom right hand corner) can fix all sorts of playback issues (of which there are plenty from my experience) Also, you could try time stretching it, before time stretching back to its correct length/tempo?

I hope you find a solution, do let me know how you get on (it would seem I’m the only person on this forum that comments….I’ve been waiting four days for a reply/help to my post!

Thanks Simon! Right, I did consider stretching the waveform as a way to correct, but of course I just don’t get why C3 is pulling this stunt while C2 doesn’t….some upgrade :roll_eyes:if I could get a refund I would!

Hahha, you and me both! I used to have a few bugs here and there with cb2, but, in general, it was pretty darn stable - so disappointed that cb3 feels like a downgrade. . Not getting replies and support definitely adds to that bitter taste!

When I mentioned time stretching, I meant to just time stretch briefly before seeing it back to 100% same for adjusting the length… this in the past has reset a lot of audio issues I’ve come across.

Hi @baberufus,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Please provide us with the steps or a a short clip, that allows us to reproduce the problem.


Hello, here is the screen recording of the slowed audio output issue:


Let me know if I can share the project for you to analyze. But it is really basic 9 track project using only inner Cubasis instruments and effects.

Hi @DanSa,

Thanks for your message and the clip link, which I will share with the team.

When did the issue appear, and was the app connected to a bluetooth audio device before it happened?


Hi, LSlowak

It happens even with demo songs included with Cubasis.

Issue first appeared in Cubasis 2. Then I abandoned the app until update to v.3.3. After importing Cubasis 2 projects to Cubasis 3 demo song Smear was slowed immediately.
Then I started new project. Worked for few hours. Restarting app several times. After exporting audio was slowed. Then I opened and closed new demo song Gravity and opened my project. Audio was normal again. Next day I tried to export the song again. But audio is playing slow in the project. And restarting the iPad didn’t help.

Bluetooth controller was not connected prior or at the time issue appeared. But I use use Sony 1000XM2 headphones which uses 48k sampling rate Bluetooth connection.

Hi @DanSa,

Bluetooth controller was not connected prior or at the time issue appeared. But I use use Sony 1000XM2 headphones which uses 48k sampling rate Bluetooth connection.

Would expect the issue to be related using Bluetooth phones with Cubasis.
These steps should help:

  • Please connect your Bluetooth phones to the iPad
  • Launch Cubasis and go to Setup/Audio and enable “Bluetooth / AirPlay” by tapping the corresponding button

If you encounter playback problems, please go to Setup/Project and choose (or reselect) the matching sample rate of your project.

Please let me know if this helps!


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Thank you, LSlowak, for pointing me to the right direction. Indeed, this issue have to be related to Bluetooth phones, since output is normal when using same headphones on cord, The only problem that Cubasis doesn’t allow to change the project sample rate sometimes:


Even when no headphones or other device connected it shows warning that some device doesn’t support it.

Thank you, LSlowak,

Do I need to switch Bluetooth / AirPlay On and Off every time I switch between Bluetooth and corded phones?

Hi @DanSa,

Glad to read the issue is related to the Bluetooth phones in use.

Please note that Cubasis can only provide the sample rates supported by the hardware in use.

Nevertheless, if you encounter playback issues when using your BT phones it will help to select the sample rate under Setup/Project (even choosing the same setting again).

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Hi, LSlowak,

Unfortunately, the issue isn’t solved with Bluetooth/AirPlay setting on. Audio is corrupted and Cubasis does not allow changing sample rate.

I tried restarting several times. The same problem with different output devices.

Hi @DanSa,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that the available sample rates are given by the devices in use.
What happens, if you re-select 44.1 kHz in the audio setup?

Thanks again,

:wave: @LSlowak,

Re-selecting 44.1 kHz doesn’t do anything. To me, it seems obvious that Bluetooth Output doesn’t work properly.
Sometimes when I open the project small warning is showing up in the top right corner saying “The project’s sample rate was changed to 48.0 kHz.” Which would make sense, since it’s the only sample rate compatible with Bluetooth headphones. But in the Settings Sample rate 44.1 kHz is shown and it’s not available to change even after switching to Bluetooth Output mode.

Any other suggestion?

Hi @DanSa,

Please note that Cubasis 3.4.1 has been released a few minutes ago.
Please give the update a try and let me know if the problem persists.


& stay safe,