[Solved] Audio tracks outs

Hi all,
I have a very simple project.
I have 1 stereo track and 1 mono track (clic audio track).
I can’t assign my mono where I want.
I’d like to have my stereo track to Outs 1&2, and mono track to out 3.
In the Insp, stereo track goes to stereo out, which is correct.
But when I want to assign the clic track to out 3, or 4, I just see , Stereo Out, Song 1.
Where are the others outs?

Vst Live Pro, last update.
Berhinger UMC404 with drivers updated.
In Vst Live:
Under DEVICES/Connections… I have created 1 audio stereo in, 1 stereo 1+2 out (called Main) and 1 mono (called Clic) to out 3 of the sound card.
So all outs I need are created.
Why can’t I see “out 3” in the Insp?

Thank you guys for your help.

You need to create an output or Group channel first. Audio Tracks can only send to a channel.
Click “OUT” at the top of the mixer, assign an out port (e.g. out 3) at the top of the newly created OUT channel, and then route your audio tracks to that channel.

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Hey, you saved my life!!!
Thanks a lot my friend.