[SOLVED] Audio Transpose issue (maybe)

Hello there how are you all doing?
I was messing around with a sample.loaded the sample onto a track,tap on copy and then paste.transposed the copy by 5 semitones.
Did copy and paste of the transposed sample and tried to transpose the new one 5 more semitones, but when I tap on apply,the pitch of the sample doesn’t change unless I choose a different number than 5 when trying to transpose.:thinking: is that normal?
Here is a video to show the issue.

Hi John1289,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis’ audio transpose (featuring zplane’s élastique) is a real-time process which works non-destructive.
Therefore the described behaviour is expected and works as intented.

In contrast, MIDI transpose works destructive, here the slider behaves relative to the latest change in the popup.

Regarding your use case:
Please use track freeze before performing audio transpose once more, or increase the transpose value accordingly.

Hope that helps…