Solved:Automation with BCF2K (and other non-touch sensitive)

I’m trying to use the BCF 2000 to write automation using the faders, and I can’t get past a problem: how does Cubase know when I “release the control” (for example, page 236)?

With a mouse, releasing the control means letting go of the mouse. What is the equivalent with a non-touch-sensitive control fader? I move the fader to overwrite in Touch mode, and automation is written nicely. But as soon as I stop moving the fader, the automation in Cubase goes back to the previous level.

Thanks for any help - I know this isn’t the clearest explanation, but hopefully someone has been down this road before … what is “untouch” with one of these non-touch-sensitive control faders?

Thanks -

Cubase don’t know, when you touch and release the fader, becouse the BCF 2000 doesn’t know (and send) it. The BCF 2000 doesn’t have touch sensitive faders. This is the reason, why it is not to possible to use BCF 2000 for serious work. Change the DAW controller, it will works. :wink:

Thank you, Martin!

I have managed to figure out how to use the BCF 2000 to successfully automate in the “Punch**”, “Auto-Latch”, and “Cross-Over” modes.

Referencing Page 236:

For Auto-Latch Mode: Exactly as written, with the “Punch Out” being accomplished by stopping Playback (i.e., with the space bar, or on the BCF2K itself).

For Cross Over Mode: Exactly as written also. It is a little finicky at the cross-over point, I have to be careful to stop moving the fader after the X-over point, otherwise Cubase thinks I want to do a NEW automation curve! It’s not a big deal at all though.

**For Punch Mode: The ** is because, although Punch Mode functionality is available via the BCF2K, these automation changes as drawn on that page are actually done from within Auto-Latch Mode in the Automation Panel. Simply stop playback at the time you want to punch out (i.e., before the “flat” portion of the automation curve in the drawing begins), and it is the functional equivalent of Punch Mode.
:Choosing Punch Mode in the Automation Panel is not functional for me, as Cubase keeps trying to write automation at the original value.

Hope this helps someone who comes down the road later.