[SOLVED] AUV3 and AirPods Pro

I’m getting very strange results with some AUV3 plugins when using Airpods, even when I change Cubasis Audio settings to “Bluetooth/AirPlay” and select the AirPods. In particular, very slowed-down playback or audio not functioning at all. Two plugins

I’ve noticed this with:

Imaginanado’s DRC
Mellowsound (Mellotron)

Please help.

Hi anchoy,

Please follow these steps to use your AirPods with Cubasis:

  • Please make sure BT is enabled in the iOS settings, and that the headphone is paired
  • Go to “Setup/Audio”
  • Enable “Bluetooth / AirPlay” by tapping the button

If the problem persists, please go to “Setup/Project” and re-select the sample rate setting.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Lars! Changing the Project sample rate fixed the issue completely! Very happy here.


Hi Anthony,

Glad to read this, thanks for the update!
Enjoy using Cubasis!