(solved) back to N5.1.1 for me

It has become very difficult for me working with N5.5. The audio is fine nut the graphic is slow and unresponsive. Maybe the problem is my system but I have never had this problem with N5.1.1. The mixer take one second to appear on the screen. The meters are slow. I can’t open the GUI of some plugins when the mixer is opened otherwise the mouse slows down. All the editing is much slower. Zooming in and out is incredibly slow.
Anybody else experiencing this?

If it is just me, well probably is my system. The fact is that everything runs so smooth and perfect with N5.1. I don’t really know if I want to change anything in my computer. I have a quadcore running Vista32. I know is not the best set up, but we are talking about a project with 20 tracks, few plugins, no virtual instruments.
With N5.1 no problem handling a project with 40 stereo tracks, lots of virtual instruments, lots of plugins. I have never been able to push my computer to the limit.

I have noticed sluggishness also, projects that worked perfectly in 5.1.1 are proving to be heavier on the CPU when opened in 5.5, but I do need to upgrade my machine, it’s been two years, I’m guessing there would be no issues with a faster CPU, but that’s not really an excuse for the performance difference I’m seeing.

Hi biss.

It sounds as if there is stuff happening here that is well weird.
I’m running 5.5 on an even older OS - XP/32 with a Q6700 Quad Core and happily running huge projects of well over 150 audio tracks and an additional 20 subgroups all into 5.1 with no problems.

Is the OS consuming resources it shouldn’t? I know I kept well away from Vista as I heard the 32-bit version was a resource hog of a nightmare kind of like the hateful Win 98ME edition was compared to 98SE.
I think you will be much better with W7, as that is to Vista as XP was to 98ME…

Biss, I second Neil’s reply…


Though I know that installing a new OS is a real pain in the ***, you will very probably be more than happy leaving the Vista road. Not many of us have ever installed Vista, because it was crap. Win7 is another ball park, I could not even imagine to go back to XP which did quite a good job for 8 years…

I have no clue why 5.5 is eating up the CPU where 5.1 didn’t, but rest assured that I cannot see any difference on my system. Must be some outdated dlls or whatever. Leave Vista, buy a Lion MAC (haha, NO, kidding) or install W7.


Thank you guys for your replies.
If you can’t see any differences, it has to be something with my system.
The sad thing is that it runs so smooth with 5.1.1.
I guess is time to update something, or at least a re-install, I haven’t done a complete re-install in years. I believe I have never done a re-install at all.
Anyway, thanks again.

I am running on win7 64 bit on a quad core and have not experienced any issues with 5.5 (knock on wood) but I am keeping 5.1 on my system for the time being just in case

Good luck

I love you man.
You got me thinking.
It was the waves shell! I have ver 6.0 of the L1. It wasn’t even loaded into the project.
I removed it and restarted N5.5, problem gone!
I use L1 occasionally only in WL7 anyway.

remove all the plugins and start N5.5. If it solves the problems you need to check them one by one. It doesn’t work to remove and rescan, or re-insert and rescan. You have to re-start N5.5 to see the results.

@Biss: I love you too :wink:

Waves… yes… one of the usual culprits…but I’m very happy that you fixed your problem. IMHO I would still recommend to use one or two of your free days to switch to WIN7. You will not regret it, that’s promised. It outperforms VISTA by far, is much easier to handle than XP (after a few weeks) and introduces virtually no problems unlike other modern OSes that are sometimes named after cats.

@DTSR: Last weekend I’ve upgraded from 5.1 to 5.5 on my Lenovo notebook, which is a quite weak system based on a Intel Core i5-2410M with only 3 GB running W7, but I take it on the road for live recordings. Loading serious projects, I cannot see any differences in terms of performance between 5.1 and 5.5, even when maxed out to about 60% CPU (which is about 85% ASIO load on this particular machine). It would be very helpful if you would post your system specs, coz I think the real reason for your problems is anywhere else that Nuendo.

I think the Waves trick did the job, at least in N5.5x86 but I have a lot crap in my VST folders, some ancient DLLs, free plug-ins and what not, should probably sit down and see what’s what, and dump the stuff I never use. I’ve no doubt N5.5 performs the same as 5.1.1 out of the box, just got to figure out for myself which VSTs it’s fussy about I suppose.

a question for those who mentioned the waves/waves_shell

I am using N3.2.1, with waves 5.0 plugins (waves shell 5.0)
I did not buy the waves update plan

I am now considering updating to N5
Will I need to upgrade the waves plugs?
Will I be hit with an upgrade fee from waves ?