[SOLVED] Bank/Program Changes

After some research I have found several posts asking Steinberg for external device program/bank change messages. It appears that even with the new update, this is still not an option even though it appears people have been asking for it for years. Can I please get a refund as the product does not do what it needs to in order to support multi channel external midi.

Hi Ermedic,

Please get in touch with Apple regarding your refund request.



I am considering Cubasis having just picked up an iPad and with the special offer on.

Can anyone confirm if Bank/Program changes are possible now please?


Hi Goseba,

Please have a look at the online version of the Cubasis help to learn what MIDI CC’s are supported:

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the link, I will have a good read later but cc 0 and 32 look like they are supported. Looks like I will be buying Cubasis.

Double post.

Great to hear, look forward to have you on board … :slight_smile:

Yup bank and program change are supported i am controlling my gr-55 guitar pedal with it by changing bank then program change , anyway good luck