[SOLVED] Beginner problems

I’ve just gotten started with Cubasis. I watched all the Steinberg video tutorials on YouTube and from having worked quite a bit with Cubase in the past, I’m up and running for the most part ok, but I’m having a few issues that I thought folks on here might be able to help me with. I looked over the known issues FAQ in case any of these are bugs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, so I must be confused about the way some things are meant to work.

  1. Metronome Pre-count isn’t working. I’ve set the pre-count to 2 bars but instead of beginning the recording after 2 bars it begins recording immediately. I made this setting in the Setup window. Is there something else I need to set to get this to work?

  2. Pads are not recording properly in chord mode. Using the drum pads with an electric piano, I programmed a series of chords to a song, then did a MIDI recording, performing on the pads. (Not the pads on top of the keyboard, but the drum pads which can be programmed with chords when a piano is loaded). The MIDI recording only recorded the root note of each chord and only plays back that root note instead of the programmed chord. When I use the separate, smaller pads across the top of the keyboard, this sort of recording works properly.

  3. When I do a loop drum kit recording, recording each drum on separate passes, Cubasis is recording each pass to a separate MIDI file. The earlier files are either covered up or greyed out. I can’t figure out how to select the earlier passes to view and edit them in the MIDI editor, nor how to merge all the takes into one file. I tried used the Select tool and dragging a box around all visible MIDI regions on that track and choosing the Glue command, but this doesn’t merge the layers of MIDI into one region. How do I do this?

thanks for any help…

Please activate pre-count by tapping the COUNT button located in the REC MODE menu (to be found in the tools sub menu). More information about the available modes and their function to be found in the In-App help (Project View/Tools/Recording modes).

Issue to be fixed with Cubasis 1.8.1 update.

In order to edit MIDI events that are overlayed by other events (on the same track) a separation to several MIDI tracks might be helpful. If overlaying MIDI events are of similar length than events underneath it might be complicated to glue them. Please shorten the upper event and give it another try.


Yeah I would like to see the option to have MIDI overdubs/loop recording “merged” into one part, but for now you just have to drag select over the part (which also selects the parts underneath it) and then hit glue. Then it becomes one part.

Thanks for the help.

I will try to figure out the MIDI glue situation with more attempts. In my case I was recording an 8-bar drum loop with cycle record on, so each pass was exactly 8 bars in length with MIDI data through the whole 8 bars on each pass, so I can’t shorten the upper layer without losing musical information.

@Radiospace Did you manage to do it? I have the exact same problem (multiple layers of midi drum parts) , the glue button is not even active it’s grey and nothing happens when I push it.

That’s all what it takes…

  • Choose “Select” from within the “Tools” bar
  • Draw a rectangle selection around the MIDI events you want to see combined into one part with your finger
  • Tap the “Glue” bottom located in the “Tools” bar