Solved: Behringer FCB1010 Foot Controller and Cubase Looper

I spent a couple of weeks working through some quirks with using this handy little 10 controller + expression footswitch to handle using Cubase as a looper pedal. Works perfectly now! So, here are some tips to get you in the right direction:

  1. Set the footswitches to NOTE values. I used values 10-19. You can easily do this with FCBMan software. Go to Mountain Utilities to get the software. Sorry that the forum won’t allow my to link it here. This software helps a TON because you won’t have to use the crazy programming switching on the device itself.
  2. Set up your FCB1010 using the Midi Remote learn functionality. Steinberg has an excellent tutorial for that on YouTube
  3. When you map the pedals to functions (using the excellent MIDI Remote Manager) use KEY COMMAND mappings. This is important! It will keep your triggers from behaving like instrument notes.
    Key commands:Transport:StartStop - to start the transport
    KeyCommands: Transport: Record - to begin recording on the selected track
    KeyCommands:Edit:Monitor - to turn monitor off/on on the selected track

You CAN use Selected Track:Actions:Next Track and Previous Track to move between tracks.

Good luck, and hit me up if you need clarification on any of this.

Here’s the link: FCB1010 | Mountain Utilities
Thanks for the information!

Thanks for your post. I had the previous generic editor working, so I thought the same commands would work as well…But I tried for a long time to get record working without any luck, It would turn in and then immediately turn off. The key command worked.
I was wondering if you can have several FCB1010 pages in the editor or if you have to have a separate icon for that .Of course you have to press the up button but at least you have the info of what you have assigned.
Do you have any plans for posting your editor? That would be appreciated and give people ideas to expand from the basic commands.