Solved. BSOD again

So rolling back to 8.10 and deleting the Cubase 8 folder in the app data file path resulted in no more BSOD, no more crash n exit. It’s been working great for Over a month, however today I tried 3.0 update and BSOD came right back. Seriously I wish Stienberg could remote into my PC to see what the heck is going on.

Anyhow reinstalled .10 and its working well, deleting the Cubase 8 folder did the trick.

Happens randomly when loading Cubase projects.

DMP zip attached for Steinberg, would appreciate a look.

Happens on 3.30 also -

Also - Separate small issue - I trashed preferences but still get “missing midi ports message” for devices I got rid of 6 months ago.

Can someone advise how to clean that up ?
Cubase 64bit 2015.10.15 (91.9 KB)


The MIDI Port list is overtaken from the system. So these MIDI Devices are probably still visible for your system. You should uninstall or remove them.

Drivers were removed and get this, this is a new PC, and I am seeing devices never installed on this PC as missing, so they carried over with my saved projects and templates somehow…


If you can see this message when loading a project, then it’s wanted behaviour. Cubase knows, some MIDI tracks were connected to the “XY” MIDI Port. The MIDI Port with this name is not available now, so Cubase informs you about it, to inform you, some MIDI Tracks will not be connected.

Wanted for my current devices yes, Interesting so the only way to get rid of this is to make a new project template from scratch then…I thought it would be in port set up xml but it isn’t

Once you make a proper connection in the project and store it, this message doesn’t appear anymore with the project.


that’s a Cubase crash dump, not BSOD. In that specific instance it was Retrologue crashing Cubase.
You are still on 8.0.10, I would advise to update to 8.0.30 (or at least 8.0.20

Blue screen dumps are located in C:\Windows\minidump (these could be deleted after a while, I would recommend to save them elsewhere).

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If you want to know what crashed when a BlueScreen appears you can use a tool called WhoCrashed (by Resplendence) to get a report. It looks through the windows minidumps to compile the info. I find it quite useful at times!


Ok, here is the BSOD dmp…

has same issue with .3 & .2

Wondering what the deal is with retrolouge, should I uninstall ?

appreciate the response and look - thx (30.9 KB)

thank you will check it out

not true in my case, those devices shown as missing are long gone, current devices are properly connected, no midi tracks are pointing to those old missing devices, searching my XML files to see if they are mentioned…I am stumped