SOLVED: BSOD in C8Pro when selecting audio driver

Hi folks,

I suddenly started getting a BSOD when starting Cubase 8 Pro. :frowning:
The issue happens when it loads the audio driver. The BSOD seems to indicate its related to my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 driver. Thing is I haven’t changed anything and the Focusrite has been bombproof to date. :confused:

The only cause I think might have triggered it was when i closed down W10 last night Cubase was taking ages so I forced closed it. :blush:

I didn’t think it would cause something as drastic as to result in a BSOD on reboot. I’m going to run an integrity check on the disks to see if that could be the cause. Anyone else had similar problems?


When you forced Cubase to close it may have been hanging on your audio driver. Check for an updated driver, if none, try reinstalling your current Focusrite driver.

Thanks - the issue in the end was a corrupt default file in my preferences. Once I removed it everything came up OK. :smiley:

Good deal, glad you got it figured out.