[SOLVED] Bug? dropped notes in minimal project

so i recorded a 2 bar clip and played it back for some time. after some (random) time notes are lost for one or two repetitions and then the clip plays fine again (for some time).
setup: latest Cubasis on Air2 32gb wifi with latest iOS 10.2.1 with 1(!!!) track with any factory drum kit. always kick drum one c1…
no virtual midi ins of any kind active.

things like this happen all the time when i want to get deeper into Cubasis and don’t make me feel comfortable at all let alone relying on Cubasis!

Hi mm70,

Did you record a MIDI track and notice lost notes during playback?

Please double check, that the actual polyphony setting does not prevent MIDI notes from being played back (Setup/Audio/Polyphony). A value of 48 should be a good starter here.

Hope that helps.


Notes are visible in the clip - sometimes they are just dropped - polyphony is not the problem as this happens with 1!!! track also (no more than 3 notes at a time within the clip)

Hi mm70,

So far we have not seen a similar issue at our end.

Could the issue be related to lack of storage space?
Also, please check if shutting of / restarting the iPad helps to solve the issue.

If the problem persists, please provide me with the following information to reproduce the issue:

  • Hardware / iOS information
  • A clear step by step description to reproduce the issue
  • A short video that explains the issue visually
  • If possible, share the project with us

Please upload the files via Dropbox or WeTransfer and provide me with the download link via private message.


Hi LSlowak, sorry but it’s not reproducable atm (what a surprise…)
However this happened on my iPad mini Retina 16gb wifi on 9.3.5 with about 2gb storage left. project was with 2 tracks of onboard drum kits (polyphony at 32 background audio on midi clock send enabled)
dropped notes (always c1!) on a random basis…
reinstalled Cubasis and now no problem…

Hi mm70,

Thanks for your update.

Since we did not experience the problem in our testings, and it seems to be gone at your end as well, it might have been related to other aspects.