[SOLVED] Bug: No Note Offs sent when changing tracks

When switching between arranger tracks that receive MIDI from an external sequencer, Cubasis does not send note offs for the previously active track, leading to stuck notes.

Example: Track 1 and Track 2 both have some kind of AUv3 plugin and under “Routing” have “Virtual MIDI” selected, two different MIDI channels. Both channels receive MIDI (say, long pad notes) from an external sequencer, say, Xequence. Neither track is armed. Cubasis will only forward the MIDI on the active track. Now, if I’m on Track 1 and a long pad note is active, and I now switch to Track 2, Cubasis will stop forwarding the MIDI from Track 1, which means that the Note Off doesn’t get through and Track 1 is stuck.

Cubasis needs to send MIDI Note Offs (or an “All Notes off”) for any notes that might still be active on a channel that is to cut off its MIDI forwarding.

Hi instinctive,

Thanks for your message.

Regarding the multitrack I/O aspect, we suggest to deactivate the “MIDI Input Only for Armed Track” option, located under Setup/MIDI.
If you encounter stuck notes, please use the “MIDI Panic” button, located on top of the track inspector section.


Hi Lars and thanks for the workarounds. Yeah for the time being, those are OK. Looking forward to the fix anyway :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, instinctive!
Glad to hear, the workaorounds are helpful.