[SOLVED] --> BUG - Warp Quantizing - SEE THIS WEBSITE <--


Thanks for the dude which name I forgot but he has written to either this thread or the other (linked below).

One has to first calculate hit points like I did, then change them to warp points and doo quantizing like I did, BUT what has to be done is to change the algorithm for drums to STANDARD -> DRUMS.

Yes, pretty logical now that I think of it but another question emerges; Why the heck does it not work with Elastique algorithm? Shouldn’t it? Well, STANDARD - DRUMS algorithm seems pretty good quality to my ears as I listened to it - and - because it is an algorithm specifically designed for drums, then I accept this solution. At least for this particular project since it solved my problem.

However I wonder what does that Elastique algo do to the audio then? When should it be used and when not? In what situations what algorith is the best? Since you might wanna quantize bass guitar and vocals etc. manually so should the DRUMS algorithm be used for those too?? Seems very strange to me…

What I would LIKE to use is Elastique in EVERY situation. There are formant times, formant pitch etc there so I don’t get that when should these STANDARD algorithms be used in the first place. Well, in this particular situation apparently this is exactly how we must do :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m glad that the problem is solved. Still fuzzy about the different algorithms thou…



Check out this web page of mine: http://pc-professor.fi/Cubase6/warp/warp-quantizing-bug.html

It will demontrate you all from scratch how the quantizing fails.

The original thread of mine you can find here: https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=19919

That’s a pretty major bug, and there was me wanting the quantize improvements !!!

It sounds like it’s realtime quantizing alright, but pulling everything to the wrong hitpoint on the fly.