[SOLVED]C10/Melodyne/Win10 users

Maybe its me, maybe a setting I’m missing…?

I’m trying to use the mouse double-click for playback/navigating etc. Have any of you got this working ok (clicking in free space or the ruler up top).? Because I can’t get playback start/stop to happen, in either case…

The reason I ask is that it all works beautifully in, wait for it, Cubase v5 …! A really slick. quick and elegant workflow. Ok, its on my second system, which is 32 bit still - Win10 fully up to date though…

Melodyne is the Studio version, latest edition (4.2.1.xxx).

Would like to hear any thoughts you have… :wink:


All works fine here provided you follow the documented melodyne instruction to turn off the Cubase function to suspend plugin processing on no signal.
As this feature was not in Cubase 5?

Just a thought


As simple as that.! Thank you @Hippo - I had failed to read down far enough on the Help page in Celemony’s Help Centre.

Its funny, as I swear I’d had this all working ok in previous (Cubase) editions (C9 or 9.5…?). And obviously, I must have turned off that setting before… getting old/forgetful… :wink:

And yes, agreed - that has to have been the case with C5.

Ok, so am looking forward to seeing how slick this upcoming ARA implementation goes.