[SOLVED] C8.5 - silly dialog opens when I open Cubase hub?

I’m not sure what this is but every time when when I Cubase there is a little dialog box from Windows and/or Internet Explorer I think? Seems like it’s triggered by the the hub with it’s HTML content to the left?

It has these double negation questions

and this happens EVERY TIME! :unamused:

New behavior in C8.5
I’m using Firefox as the default browser but everything from the click sound to the system dialog looking thingie points towards IE. The thick plottens …


Not happening here.

Ouch! I don’t like that answer but thanks for that anyway :slight_smile: !

Nor here Ulf…

HA! :sunglasses:

This seems to do the trick!

from here:

Ahhh, an IE thing. I try to avoid that critter whenever possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, it’s the only which is struggling with being standards compliant year after year which is a riddle in itself? You’d think Microsoft would have the resources to keep their browser built into their OS from being a total embarrassment for them but nooooo …
I don’t have it as my default browser either. but I can’t avoid feeling it’s presence as it’s built into Windows. You know, uh-oh here we go again, click sounds and strange stuff is happening and Windowsy looking dialogs pop up! Cold sweat, hyper ventilation and tunnel vision!!! "Where is IE??? :imp: " :laughing:

I avoid it like the plauge but sometimes I have to …