SOLVED - C8 update killed C7.5

So, I’ve been running C6 through 7.5 on Win XP Pro 64 all this time. Even after the C7 upgrade, my C6.* still worked.

In order to run C8, I installed Win7 on a separate partition, and setup a dual-boot.

I’ve been putting everything back together (installing plugins / VST’s) in C8 for the last couple days.
Last night I needed to work on a project I had going in C7.5 - Because everything’s not in place yet on my Win7 boot, I booted to XP and tried to open C7.5 - It said I had no active license for C7.5 - I ran the license tool - I enter my C7.5 activation code and it says I have no upgradable licenses.

I’ve checked my “MySteinberg” portal, and all it shows is C8 - Nothing about the previous versions I’ve purchased.

Can anyone advise?

Your C8 license is also valid for previous versions.

If C7.5 says ‘no valid license’, it means your eLicenser has not been recognised.

Maybe you need to update your elicencer software on the 7.5 machine.

Shouldn’t the SB web portal still show my products? Considering it doesn’t show anything but C8, I question what I’m going to be able to do on my end… But I’ll give it a try.

The portal shows your current license.

Thanks for the help! Booted to XP, updated the eLicense software, and BAM! C7.5 is up again! Thanks again.