[SOLVED:] C9: No mouse/trackpad editing in key editor (Mac)

Cubase Pro 9 on a MacBookPro (MacOS Sierra):

I cannot change the length/position of a midi event in key editor by mouse/trackpad action any more.
According to the manual it should work.

In Cubase 8.5 the same project works fine as well.


It works the same in in Cubase 9. Can you do so in other projects, or a project created in Cubase 9?

If not, can you try Safe Start Mode?

I’m working on a MacBookPro, now updated to High Sierra.

And this is still not working.

So if I have to edit the length of midi events I always have to go back to C8.5. :confused: :frowning:

Unfortunately the issue is the same in 9.5 trial version. Do I really have to quit Cubase?


When a project is completely created and edited in Cubase 9 it is working. I often switched to 8.5 because of 32 bit support.
As I have now JBridgeM running satisfyingly on my MacBookPro there is no need to switch to 8.5 any more.

Renaming the Cubase directory in library/preferences has completely solved the problem. :smiley: