[SOLVED] Can a Cubasis project be moved between iOS devices?

I have an aging iPad and considering a newer model or mini retina. Is it possible to move projects from one iOS device to another? If so, what is the most efficient method? I see options for exporting to Cubase but it’s not clear if this could also be used to move to other ‘Cubasis’ iOS devices.

It looks like I could save the ‘Projects’ folder to my computer using iTunes and then attempt to copy that onto another iOs device using iTunes File Sharing. Does that work?


Hi Richmn,

Sure it is possible to move Cubasis projects between devices (e.g. share them with others to collaborate).

Cubasis offers various options for sharing projects and/or files such as E-Mail, Dropbox, Open With, Audio Copy etc.). Wifi Server and File Sharing are two additional methods to transfer files from and to your computer.

Having the iPad connected to the computer it is very easy to exchange files via iTunes / File Sharing:

  • Connect your iPad with the computer

  • Launch iTunes and select your iPad

  • Choose Cubasis in the File Sharing list

  • Import files from the computer to Cubasis
    Drag and drop a file into the list to import it to the MediaBay (Cubasis confirms the receipt via a short message)

  • Save Cubasis files to the computer
    To save a Cubasis folder to your computer select it and hit the save button (or drag & drop it to your desktop).
    BTW one of the best options to backup Cubasis projects and other files on a regularly basis.

More details to be found in the In-App help of Cubasis.

Hope that helps,


I would like to do the same as original post; ie. to transfer/ share songs between 2 iPads.

But just iPad to iPad. I do not use Cubase nor iTunes.

I have managed to Save Songs from both iPads to DropBox. But I have not been able to Import Songs back into any iPad.

I haven’t tried eMail to myself mainly because I haven’t figured out how to Import Files to the iPad. I also haven’t tried Wi-Fi Server as both iPads are not in the same place (although I suspect this might not work without a computer).



Try in dropbox App: “Open in…” Select “cubasis” and you are done. Works perfect for me

Thank you for supporting…

Thank you, Bodote. Yes, it works wonderfully. Transferring via DropBox is my preferred option because it means I can also put the file.zip into a shared folder for collaboration. So to recap…

To copy Projects from iPad:-

  • The easiest way is to use the SHARE function
  • Share/ DROPBOX will send to Dropbox and has a Zip option
  • Share/ ZIP will send Zip file to iTunes Shared folder

To copy Projects from DropBox to iPad:-

  • I recommend that you use the zip file option.
  • On iPad, open the DropBox app.
  • Open the folder Apps/, then Cubasis/ and select the File.
  • On the top right-side, click the “send” icon (next to the fav. star).
  • Select “Open In…” and then select “Cubasis”.

Thanks again.