(solved) Can I invert stereo for an instrument track?

I mean I got this arp, with a slight left pan inside the vst.
I duplicated it to be played 1 Oct down, and I wanted it to have the exact opposite stereo pan (so slightly on the right).
Cause 2 slight left pan on each others are making a big left pan…

So is it possible (without bouncing to an audio track) to just reverse the stereo for an instrument track (so that it works with any plug)?
(cubase 7.5)

Switch the channel to “Stereo combined Panner” and swap the L&R.

Or use an insert plug that has Stereo swap…For instance Stereo Channel http://sleepytimedsp.com/software/str-bundle/

I tried to mess with that combined panner … I messed up a bit tryin to understand it, then I saved and freed my mind lol
But thanks I’ll look up to that “swap” thing I missed. Hope I’ll succeed without the help of a plug lol

Thx again, I’ll keep u in touch

By the way, is that swap option is by a right click or by pushing the “tray” (sorry 4 my english) to extreme right/left?

When you switch it to combined you drag one side of the handle to the middle. Now grab the other side and drag it past the one in the middle. It should Change color meaning it is reversed

Aiiiiight, thanks a lot
I’ll do that tomorrow, it will save my left channel rough panning (I hope lol)

Eyh guyz, Grim, JMCecil, you got some skills and tricks. And you help people, I got one challenge for you guys…
Ready for it?

Challenge :

Thx guyz it worked perfectly!!!

Funny, I came here for an answer and ended up leaving with a better suggestion! The combined panner is a powerful tool that probably routinely gets overlooked by most people.

Here’s a way to quickly toggle L/R panning (I use this when checking overhead panning):

  1. switch to stereo combined panner
  2. invert left and right panning
  3. use the pan bypass to toggle