[SOLVED] Can’t import my Cubasis 3 projects into cubase


The problems I’m experiencing with cubasis3 importing it into Cubase 10.5.
It will not load properly and if I attempt again it will display an error message
Saying “file already in use enter a new name or close file“

After having a lot of trouble in 10.5 I tried 9.5 I also used the demo file smear.

I imported the demo file smear into Cubasis3 then exported it out and it imported into Cubase 9.5 ok, but when I altered it in Cubasis 3 and did the same again it would not load and the error “Cannot read Cubasis project file Reason unknown format “ was displayed.

All new projects that come from Cubasis 3 have this error message! In 9.5 and 10.5.
Anyone experiencing this?


Hi KenMont,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry to read that you encounter problems to import your Cubasis projects with Cubasis.
Are you able and willing to share these projects with us (Dropbox link via PM), to enable our engineers to evaluate the problem

Thanks again,

Hi Lars, problem solved it was my fault I thought I had downloaded the importer Update, I have now and it’s working fine.
Thank you

Hi Kentmonty,

Glad to read this, thanks for the update!
Enjoy making music with Cubasis and Cubase… :slight_smile:

Stay well,