[solved] Can you view midi data/values as they are played?

I have a lot of MIDI gear & I would like to control it through Cubase Artist.

I have the devices set up and am mapping controller info, but it’s difficult to determine which midi control number maps to witch knob on each piece of gear.

Long long ago when I used logic, in the transport, it would show you the midi values of the things that were being played on the synth that was transmitting over midi - so you could twiddle a knob and see that it was controller 36, for example, and some other knob was control 58, etc. etc.

Does anything like that exist in Cubase? Something that will show midi data/values without first recording, then inspecting what you’ve just recorded?

In pro you have Midi monitor in midi plug ins. Don’t know if it’s in Artist…


Hi Brian

If you look in the inspector in midi inserts, one of the plugs is the midi monitor, works well.

Best Regards


Thanks, Dave. That’s exactly what I was looking for.