[Solved] Cannot move layers in SpectraLayers 7.0.30 for Mac

Whether I create a new separation or manually load in layers, they will not move. This is a show stopper and has me always reverting back to using SpectraLayers 5. I will never upgrade to 8 unless this is first fixed in 7.

Robin - I am a good friend of Chris Kissel, and I believe he has perhaps talked to you about this problem.

Hi @waltweiskopf , I can’t repro this issue with SL7.0.30 on macOS.
Could you provide a video showing the issue ? What macOS version are you running ?


Any video no matter how short will not go via email due to size constraints.

Take my word for it though. I loaded a mono song into SL 7 Pro and unmixed stems. I then could not move any layer using any combination of mouse buttons. All layers are frozen in place where they are.

I’m using a Mac Pro running Mojave 10.14.6. and SL 7 Pro Vers. 7.0.30 Build 251.

Help!!! Thx.


I and one or two others have reported this issue a couple of times.


@Marshall since you have a Cubase 11 license you should be able to install and run SpectraLayers One 8 (download from here). Please let me know if SpectraLayers 8 in standalone mode shows the same issue.
Then to rebind the ARA plugin to SpectraLayers Pro 7, reinstall SpectraLayers Pro 7.
@waltweiskopf feel free to do the same test if you also have a Cubase 11 license.

I do not have a Cubase 11 license, so what do we do?

I have SL8 Pro and tried it all day yesterday, without any of these problems.
If they do appear I will let you know.
With SL7 Pro it worked for many weeks before the layer problem did appear last autumn.

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So I guess that all? No further response from Robin? Guess I won’t be upgrading to SL8.

Moving between layers is a little clunky overall, I do sometimes experience this myself but I am able to get it to work through trial and error. Not sure why @Robin_Lobel isn’t able to reproduce it or confirm the problem.

Hi @waltweiskopf I guess in your case the best would be to wait for Steinberg to release trials of SL8. Unfortunately I don’t have trial codes that I could send you meanwhile, they just don’t exist for now.
I’ve tried again to replicate that issue but it never happens on any of my computers… and it does not on Steinberg’s computers as well. That being said when the trial will be available you’ll be able to check by yourself if you still have the issue.
I wonder if it’s linked to the mouse type (trackpad, magic mouse, classic mouse…) as they may have different ways to register clicks. What device do you use, and does using a different mouse type help ?

BTW if any of you repro this exact issue with SL8, I could send you a special debug build to dig further into it.

I just switched mouses (mice?) from one computer to the other, both Logitech M325s, and I can now move layers. Weird. I hope the problem doesn’t come back.

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I‘ve had this very annoying issue with SL 7 as well (using magic mouse2) and I can confirm, after upgrading to SL8 the problem appears to be gone completely. Working fine!

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