[SOLVED] Cannot See Tempo Line

This sounds minor but it is actually a big annoyance…when opening up the tempo editor it is VERY DIFFICULT to see the tempo line. Is there a way to darken it or make it thicker so it doesn’t blend in so well to the grid?


i’m bumping this because this is an issue that really plagues me, and I know it must bother some of you folks too.

So again, in the tempo editor window, it’s very difficult to see the tempo line as it blends almost seamlessly with the grid.

This makes the temp editor fairly useless to me.

Any solutions?

Make the tempo track visible in the arrange window and set it to any color. If you now open the tempo track editor you’ll see the tempo line there has the same color as your tempo track.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make own color settings of the Tempo Track Editor. It’s possible to make settings for the Edit Windows (except the Tempo), Key and Drum Editors.

Tempo tracks in the Project window is better for this. But you have to know, you can work with the tange of the displayed values by clicking to the renge numbers ( 60 - 180 in default), and change it. I spent lots of time with it. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Two fixes for two separate problems. Thanks guys.