SOLVED Can't access top bar sections in full screen mode

Hi Ive just updated to Sl8 pro and directly after opening the program i can click on to the top bar , if i import a file i can still click on the top bar but the the whole of SP going into half screen mode , that’s not a problem but as soon a i put Spectral layers back into full screen mode non of the top bar sections can be accessed .
All works perfectly in Spectral Layers 7 pro btw
Im on Win 10 - 2004

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I have the same issue. The menus stop working in the maximized window as soon as an audio file is loaded. Also, the dropdown lists and menus in the right panel only work if the window is not maximized. I guess, it’s the same problem as mentioned in this thread.

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Same issue indeed. For those having this issue when maximizing SL : is your Windows taskbar auto-hiding when you’re not using it, or is it set to be always visible ?

Hi Robin , yes i can confirm it is the auto hide function , if i turn off the function all seems to work , thanks for the work around , will there be a fix for this or will this be the behaviour for now on ?
Thanks for your prompt attention

I’m working on a fix for it, but meanwhile you can use this workaround indeed.


Brilliant , i never thought of trying that last night but it does indeed work . Thank you

indeed windows taskbar is also auto-hiding, in my case. so that is the cause… how wonderful, everything works, and reacts…

EDIT: and also F11 works, instead of maximize (but i have patched version, so don’t know if it works for the non-patched version), when auto-hiding taskbar.

Mine is set to auto-hiding too. When I change it to always visible, the main menus work but the drop down elements in the side panel still don’t react.

ok that means the fix isn’t complete yet… this seems by the way the other way around…

strange how the task bar, influences this, behavior, it shall be something be with focus…

@Howl The patch I sent you fix the issue when the taskbar is auto-hiding as well. The message from Martin90 was before the patch.

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Ive edited the title to suit the status :+1:

i was looking at the unread messages, didn’t see the in which thread i was, there are 3 about it… and it was from a day ago… my bad… 3 threads… ow well, glad it is fixed! and spectralayers pro matures more and more, and it already was a beast for me, but now, it is for me more in the details… but also the AI features, will even be used by me, as explained in another thread, about the pitch shift ‘algorithm’…


and i must look better, in which thread i am…

Same here, please fix.

It is - coming with the first official patch.