[SOLVED] Can't create new project after loading template

Dorico on my is not working on my Mac now…
I tried to create a project from an orchestral template, Dorico did not respond, then I forced quit Dorico.
After that, I can’t create new projects any more…
Please check out the screenshot I made, I chose an solo player to play alto flute, there is no respond at all. There is no score on the window. Also no respond by clicking Write, Engrave etc…
I’ve tried to restart the program, same thing.
I’ve tried to restart the Mac, same thing.
I’ve tried to uninstall Dorico then reinstall it, same thing.
I have faith in Dorico team, but at this moment I’m a little bit frustrated and disappointed with Dorico as there are too many bugs, and honestly, the program is not running smoothly and quickly…
Hope Dorico team will give us an update as soon as possible, even if there’s only some bugs fixed.

I suggest you try the clean-up script that Paul posted in the FAQ thread, which should restore things to a pristine state and get you back up and running again.

I’m sorry you’ve been having problems with Dorico so far. We are hard at work on the first update, and in particular we’ve made great strides with the performance of the software in the last two weeks, which should result in the program running more quickly and smoothly on everybody’s computers when the first update is made available.

Thanks Daniel, good to hear you and Dorico team is hard working on the upcoming update. I’ve tried to run the script provided in the FAQ thread, but unfortunately the situation remains the same, so I think I may leave Dorico for a while and wait for the update. Hope the update will be available soon.

I’m sure we can sort this out. I don’t believe this problem is related to a specific bug in Dorico that we can easily fix, but rather to some state you’ve managed to get into on your system. Can you please zip up the contents of your ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico folder and attach it here?

Hi Daniel, please see attached for the bug report. Thanks.
Dorico.zip (6.42 KB)

If you delete the layoutOptions_scores.xml file from that directory, does that get you up and running again?

actually, if you want to retain your layout options, delete the entry for pagePairSetEntityID

Thanks Stefan, I’ve deleted the entry for pagePairSetEntityID and that works, I can resume the project now :smiley: